Official Security Partnership: FANPAD x Verichains

2 min readJan 22, 2022


FANPAD is delighted to announce our partnership with Verichains Lab, one of the blockchain industry’s most recognized auditing and cybersecurity firm.

Security is of the highest importance for FANPAD. We, with the support of Verichains ensure that our collaboration will protect the invest of users as well as produce some incredible results that will validate our team’s competences while also providing useful feedback to strengthen the products.

About Verichains Lab

Verichains Lab is a research lab with a world-class team of researchers, experienced developers, and experts in security, AI, and blockchain technology providing high-quality blockchain development and smart contract security audit services. Together, we are driving technology > forward!

VeriChains Lab has provided their service to multiple renowned blockchain projects and traditional businesses like Kyber Network, Axie Infinity, Quarkchain, Tomochain, and Klaytn.

VeriChains Lab with concession fees, providing an economical opportunity for every project to strengthen their security measure and healthy development. Alongside such benefits, Verichains Lab would also support the developers in other inquiries, such as technical Q&A, issues resolving, security recommendation, and last but not least, supporting tools.

Find out more about Verichains Lab:





FANPAD is a new generation fundraising and funding platform for projects on the Fantom blockchain. Not only supporting projects in financial aspect through token sale programs, FanPad also supports projects in technical, tokenomics, audit, marketing aspects through strategic partners cooperation.

FanPad aims to become a kick-starter platform but better, more perfect with fair mechanism and for potential Fantom projects to reach more dedicated users and contribute value to the Fantom blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for more official announcements!




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