Official announcement: KYC with Blockpass is now live

2 min readMar 4, 2022


FANPAD now has implemented Blockpass KYC to ensure projects launching on FANPAD are secure and compliant. This will also ensure the users investment are worth it cuz protecting their investment is always our priorities. Stay tuned for more news coming

🔹 Remember to successfully KYC on FANPAD if you want to join in whitelist with us 🔹

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What is Blockpass?

Blockpass is a self-sovereign identity application — a means by which users can create, store, and manage digital identities. In the first iteration of the Blockpass user application, users are able to create effective digital identities that enable onboarding to regulated Blockchain services such as banks, exchanges, and payment platforms. Future releases of the application will enable the creation, storage, and management of identities for companies, devices and other objects, thereby facilitating the Internet of Things (IoT).

BlockPass: Twitter | Medium


FANPAD is a new generation fundraising and funding platform for projects on the Fantom blockchain. Not only supporting projects in financial aspect through token sale programs, FanPad also supports projects in technical, tokenomics, audit, marketing aspects through strategic partners cooperation.

FanPad aims to become a kick-starter platform but better, more perfect with fair mechanism and for potential Fantom projects to reach more dedicated users and contribute value to the Fantom blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for more official announcements!




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