Introducing FANPAD Ambassador Program

3 min readJan 15, 2022


FANPAD is establishing its Ambassador Program to provide a more important and visible avenue for the community to engage and contribute to our growth.

FANPAD is a project built with the desire to bring a lot of benefits to the community and so our mission together with the ambassadors is to convey the most special values ​​​​to the community. Our Ambassadors, this is an invitation to create a circle of value together as we share the same vision and passion to create benefits for the users who support and help us.

An Ambassador is someone who believes in the FANPAD concept and is prepared to work with us to achieve significant milestones in the Fantom ecosystem.
If you or your team has the energy and excitement to help FANPAD gain more visibility, please fill out our ambassador program application, since we won’t stop until we reach the summit.


FANPAD Ambassador

FANPAD believes that our community should be a direct contributor to our project, and this is another method in which the community may assist us in our growth.
Some of you will be appointed as our ambassadors in specific regions. These ambassadors will be chosen based on their application’s merits. They should have a thorough understanding of our product ecosystem and what we’re bringing to market. Make sure you’re familiar with our Litepaper as well as the medium articles we’ve published so far. Keep in mind that you will be representing FANPAD in your area.

Carry the mission to convey value

Many people may now be curious about the prerequisites for becoming an ambassador. All that is required is a thorough understanding of the cryptocurrency market as a whole, as well as Launchpad; a desire to add value to the community; and experience moderating a community. You have a distinct edge if you can communicate in more than one language.

Our ambassadors will assist new users in understanding and acclimating to our present and future products, as well as the wider ecosystem. This is especially crucial because we’ll be releasing a slew of new items in the coming months, so your guide will be quite useful as our ecosystem grows. So you will have to promote the FANPAD ecosystem through both FANPAD and Partners community.

You will also act as a communication point for users, answering their questions, responding to comments, and relaying relevant feedback to the FANPAD team. In addition to organizing online and offline events and meetups, you will also be responsible for maintaining and moderating online and offline communities or any related activities as below:

  • Deploy reposted FANPAD Twitter/Social Channel links.
  • Release news updates / posts at key time points of the project
  • Publish related articles in collaboration with FANPAD
  • Post educational / tutorial articles after the project is launched
  • Host AMA events. Members of the FANPAD team can be invited to be a guest in the live broadcast room to answer questions.
  • Include FANPAD team with questions which cannot be answered by Ambassador and reply within xx hours.
  • Translation of website copywriting and article content into country language(s).
  • Support for airdrops and other activities, encourage community members participate in FANPAD related activities.

Target Partner:

  1. Community Leaders (200)
  2. Ventures (10)
  3. KOL, Influencer
  4. Audit partners

Communication Content:

FANPAD will provide ambassadors content in the form of news / educational articles and updates to distribute to the community on Social Media Platforms. Content will require translation into languages represented by the country community ambassador (If any)

The Benefits of a FANPAD Ambassador

Don’t worry, FANPAD’s ambassadors will be paid for their time and effort. FANPAD apparel and other prizes are also available. To make the appropriate arrangements, a member of the FANPAD staff will contact you.


  • Qualifications from FANPAD team
  • FANPAD Related Incentives
  • Allocation right in FANPAD private round
  • Opportunities in upcoming IDO Projects on launchpad
  • Commission in referring new IDO projects to FANPAD
  • Get insider access into partners network in this industry all over the world

So get up, grab your working hat, and get cracking with the ambassador program application, because we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us!

We expect to see a lot of impressive applications in the next few days and we will announce our decision shortly.

FANPAD: Website | Twitter| Medium | Telegram ANN | Telegram Community




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