How to set up the MetaMask Fantom Chain?

3 min readFeb 3, 2022


Before the FANPAD IDO is officially revealed, let’s go through the basics to make sure you’re prepared for future events.

We will show you the simplest way to integrate the Fantom Opera Chain network into the MetaMask wallet using the steps below. Let’s get started!

How to Connect MetaMask with Fantom Opera Chain

By default, the MetaMask wallet only supports and displays tokens that are pre-installed on the Ethereum blockchain. If you intend to use your MetaMask wallet to store and trade FRC-20 tokens, you must first connect it to the Fantom Opera Chain, which supports FRC-20 tokens. Here’s how to go about it:

STEP 1: Install the MetaMask wallet on your phone or a browser extension on Chrome or Brave by going to the official MetaMask website. You can pin the extension to the extension bar in the right corner of your browser once it’s been installed and configured.

STEP 2: On the browser, click the wallet extension icon that appears beside the website link column. To alter or adjust your wallet’s blockchain option, open the extension and click on “Ethereum Mainnet.”

STEP 3: Select “Custom RPC” from the drop-down menu. A form will appear, collecting information about the blockchain network you want to link to your MetaMask wallet.

STEP 4: Enter the details in the form as mentioned below:

Custom RPC on Metamask

Network Name: Fantom Opera

Network URL:

Chain ID: 250

Currency Symbol: FTM

Block Explorer URL:

STEP 5: After you’ve added the Fantom network to your wallet, go back to the “Ethereum Mainnet” menu and pick Fantom Opera to switch to the Fantom network. Instead of the Ethereum Mainnet, the wallet will begin to display tokens and balances held on the Fantom Opera Chain, i.e. FRC-20 standard tokens.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: Never send a FRC20 token from the Fantom Opera Chain to an Ethereum wallet address or the other way around. The tokens will never be found. Simply said, many tokens are supported across various blockchain networks, but they are not transferable from one to the other.


FANPAD is a new generation fundraising and funding platform for projects on the Fantom blockchain. Not only supporting projects in financial aspect through token sale programs, FanPad also supports projects in technical, tokenomic, audit, marketing aspects through strategic partners cooperation.

FanPad aims to become a kick-starter platform but better, more perfect with fair mechanism and for potential Fantom projects to reach more dedicated users and contribute value to the Fantom blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for more official announcements!




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