How to KYC with Blockpass on FANPAD

3 min readMar 7, 2022


FANPAD will be using Blockpass’ proprietary KYC solutions to provide a safe, secure and compliant ecosystem where enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockpass is a digital identity verification service provider that provides a one-click compliance gateway for financial services and other regulated industries. For FANPAD, Blockpass is a comprehensive KYC and AML SaaS. Through Blockpass, users can create, store, and manage a data-secure digital identity that can be used for an entire ecosystem of services, purchase tokens, and access regulated industries. physical.

These are the mandatory categories that FANPAD users must provide during KYC

Below are the specific steps for users of FANPAD who want to use this KYC calculation. Let’s check it out !

Step 1: Visit the website and head to the “KYC” section to start the KYC process, select Verified with Blockpass

Step 2: Click “Start” => Input your email => Continue

Step 3: 3 items appear: Register with Passport or National ID or Driving license, select the item you want to register with it.

Step 4: Choose the country you live in

Step 5: Complete the section: Identity Documents and Personal Info

Step 6: Close and you have completed the KYC procedure of FANPAD.

If you have difficult in KYC procedure, take time to check KYC Verification tips of Blockpass :

Here are list of KYC Identity Documents supported by Blockpass

Example with Iranians, Blockpass doesn’t support with National Identity Cards and Driving Licence, they shall use passport to go through checking process

Some countries (e.g. Russia, Ukraine), have their own internal Passports that are accepted locally, but are not internationally recognized passports. Such documents shall be considered as “national identity documents

Please head to our official telegram group to ask more questions about this. We are always here to help 💙


FANPAD is a new generation fundraising and funding platform for projects on the Fantom blockchain. Not only supporting projects in financial aspect through token sale programs, FanPad also supports projects in technical, tokenomics, audit, marketing aspects through strategic partners cooperation.

FanPad aims to become a kick-starter platform but better, more perfect with fair mechanism and for potential Fantom projects to reach more dedicated users and contribute value to the Fantom blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for more official announcements!




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