FANPAD Telegram Sticker Contest: All you need to know

Hello all the creative minds out there, we’re so excited to welcome you guys to join our upcoming Sticker Competition! Feed your creativity by engaging sticker packs for our Telegram community and get the chance to win incentive prizes in return, why not?


  • 1st place: 5000 FANPAD tokens for the most standout design; The chosen one will be featured in the community as FANPAD’s official sticker pack.
  • 2nd place: 3000 FANPAD tokens
  • 3rd place: 2000 FANPAD tokens
  • Bonus: 30 whitelist slots for top 30 most interesting packs (If the number of selected ones qualify or this can be changed)

All the prizes will be fairly evaluated and distributed by the team.

  1. Submission Date From 1st March to 14th March
  2. Rules
  • Stickers must be FANPAD-related in terms of theme, color or logo (Download here)
  • Submission format must be in .PNG, .WEBP or .GIF
  • It has to be your original work
  • Per submission must includes at least 5 stickers
  • Keep your stickers family-friendly, all the NSFW contents will be immediately disqualified.

How to enter

Fill in this form:


By submitting your entry, you agree that FANPAD has the exclusive right to use your work permanently with any purpose.

All rights to the work will be automatically transferred, solely owned and possibly trademarked by FANPAD. FANPAD will not have any further liability to you.


If you’re a newbie and not so acquainted with creating stickers, here’s the basic guide:

  1. How to Create a Telegram Sticker Pack
  2. How to Create Animated Stickers



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