FANPAD-new generation IDO Launchpad: New solution for Fantom Ecosystem

FANPAD is welcoming high-quality projects to the Fantom blockchain and providing the necessary support for a successful IDO and launch. The team wants to give our community of driven investors access to market disruptors, businesses with problem-solving ideas, and the industry’s most recognized teams.

Projects are requested to have a clear demonstration of their utility, finalized and well-detailed whitepaper, team members with documented experience in their fields, marketing plans with partners, and more. But there is more to FANPAD than just finances, our full suite of services goes above and beyond other launchpads on the ecosystem with strong feature as effective fundraising strategy, evaluation criteria and fair distribution.

Apply for IDO at

Strong support from FANPAD

Target projects: All Fantom — native and multi-chain projects related to DeFi, GameFi, DAO, NFT, Web3, Social token,.. are welcome to FANPAD

FANPAD will help the team meet our advisors from Skychain Capital, marketing experts, and project coordinators, to familiarize themselves with the tools we provide leading up to their IDO. Projects coming to FANPAD will be able to reduce listing costs as well as necessary costs when using services from FANPAD’s partners for projects — for example legal audit or marketing costs

The KYC process provided by FANPAD will help ensure high level of investor confidence from the start. Moreover, FANPAD integrates state-of-the-art security protocols with the capability to detect and block junk wallets, scammers will ensure the fairness for all investors.

Security and transparency are of the highest importance for FANPAD. We, with the support of Verichains ensure that all funds and liquidity raised during our IDOs are distributed fairly and without bias, with no risk of funds being misused or mismanaged.

Community Network Strategy

From the very beginning, FANPAD has been trying to build a strong community because we know that new projects coming to the ecosystem will need a lot of help from the community to grow. Network with community leaders or communication cooperation with FantomHub, FantomNation will help projects a lot in spreading value as well as raising capital effectively.

FANPAD is establishing its Ambassador Program to provide a more important and visible avenue for the community to engage and contribute to our growth.

FANPAD believes that our community should be a direct contributor to our project, and this is another method in which the community may assist us in FANPAD or young projects growth


Once again, FANPAD team wants the best for all young and potential projects and accompany you on this challenging journey.

Reach to us by clicking the link below. We are waiting for you !

Apply for IDO at


FANPAD is a new generation fundraising and funding platform for projects on the Fantom blockchain. Not only supporting projects in financial aspect through token sale programs, FanPad also supports projects in technical, tokenomic, audit, marketing aspects through strategic partners cooperation.

FanPad aims to become a kick-starter platform but better, more perfect with fair mechanism and for potential Fantom projects to reach more dedicated users and contribute value to the Fantom blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for more official announcements!



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New generation IDO Launchpad - powered by Fantom. For the Community, By the Community.